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[Pinned] Guild Updates
General Discussion

[Pinned] Guild Updates

Hi all, Some changing in coming for our guild.We've decided to amend our officer ranks to relay new expectation, new and more focused roles. This in turn should keep things new fresh and also give people that have worked hard to get us where we ar...
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[Pinned] Guild Twinking!
General Discussion

[Pinned] Guild Twinking!

Greetings,We started a small Twinking team in our Guild.We are going to progress every raid in every expansion.We will start with Vanilla.Molten core > Blackwing lair > Ruins of AHN'Qiraj > Temple of AHN'Qiraj.Raid team so far:Teicknilla:...
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General Discussion

How to be pro player

I was recently was inspired by some fellow guildies to share the secret on how to be an good player, and all you need to do is follow these 8 EASY steps! Step 1: Be Teick.Step 2: Play in Vanilla. (I'm not saying you're worse for not playing in van...
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General Discussion

Guild announcement

Hi Guys!Just wanted to give you a little update. My self and Steveo have been leading this guild for a good few years now and feel its about time we had some additional input into our guild focus and progress.Tonight we came to the decision and a...
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General Discussion

Youtube video with BiS lists

I have been watching youtube videos recently & I stumbled upon this, this is a guide basically to all bosses & what is BiS, it doesn't include trinkets or relics but it is a big help. You may not...
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Raid Tactics

Nighthold Tacts

Here are the videos we'll most likely follow at first when we start Nighthold. Make sure you watch them and are ready for the 18th.These are still Alpha videos, so some things might change. As soon as they post the Normal/Heroic videos, i'll updat...
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General Discussion

Mythic kill!

Cant use image for some reason, click!First Mythic kill :D
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Guild Herbs/Cauldrons & Flasks

This has been said before in the raids & guild chat but could we try & get as many people with the Harvester Enchant on their shoulders from the Dreamweavers reputation, this is in Lorlathil. When you are questing or doing anything you hav...
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Like the title says: we have every proffesion in the guild.If you need potions or flasks you can always ask:CrimsoniaPendragonIsuniaIf you need enchants:NecrromanceGems:MâläIsuniaFood:MâläGlyphs and other Scribe stuff:VedetteWe can provide the stu...
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General Discussion

Say hi!

Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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