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Galgo / Jan 08, 2017 / Raids

For Loot and Glory is now officially a Mythic guild with our Nythendra kill tonight, congrats all! it took us about 7 attempts, not bad at all! We also got Ursoc to about 12% so be sure to read up on the tactics for Ursoc again so we can get him d...

Galgo / Dec 21, 2016 / Raids

Congrats guys, Odyn Heroic has been defeated! A great way to end 2016 on! Next week we will still have a normal raid day on Wednesday 28/12/2016 and then no further main raids until 2017. We will have stuff going on if we have people online ofcour...

Galgo / Nov 20, 2016 / Raids

We killed helya today, good job guys! This means we have now cleared Trials of Valor on Normal Mode. Heroic here we come!Click for better quality.

Galgo / Nov 09, 2016

Tonight we cleared Full Emerald Nightmare Heroic and the first boss of Trials of Valor, Good job folks! Guarm and Helya on sunday! Dont forget to read up on tactics, check the forum!

Galgo / Nov 08, 2016

To all raiders; please let us know wich days you can raid on the forum. Raid days topic: