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Galgo / May 22, 2017 / Raids

FLAG has a new Mythic kill, Trilliax; Congrats all! Sunday's raid we killed Chronomatic Anomaly again fairly quick, we had quite a few people that did not get the kill yet also, after that we went for progress on Trilliax and got the kill! Up next...

Galgo / Mar 26, 2017 / Raids

Please take the time to check out this poll about the future of For Loot and Glory raids! do you want to keep it chill/fun raids with heroic or go more serious with Mythic? let your vote know here:

Galgo / Mar 13, 2017 / Raids

For Loot and Glory just cleared Gul'dan on heroic, congrats everyone! We got very close on Sunday but today we finally got him! it should get easier next time now, and maybe soon give the first two/three bosses on mythic a try ^^

Galgo / Jan 19, 2017 / Raids

Yesterday was our first raid into The Nighthold and we defeated 6 out of the 10 bosses, good job all! Some bosses went better then the others but next time should be even better, and then heroic asap! Sunday we continue this run but for those with...

Galgo / Jan 15, 2017 / Raids

Ursoc Mythic has been defeated, congrats all! Next week we go The Nighthold, be sure you have read the tactics and also check out the Guild/Raid rules in the forum, it is mandatory if you want loot!

Galgo / Jan 11, 2017 / Raids

Hello Guildies! we have updated our raid rules, we want everyone that wants to raid The Nighthold with us next week to go and check them out, and make a comment below the forum post that you have read and agreed on them. It is mandatory if you wan...

Galgo / Jan 08, 2017 / Raids

For Loot and Glory is now officially a Mythic guild with our Nythendra kill tonight, congrats all! it took us about 7 attempts, not bad at all! We also got Ursoc to about 12% so be sure to read up on the tactics for Ursoc again so we can get him d...